Why is homemade soup better than pre-made?

We all know that homemade is always better than pre-made. And it’s not only because you save money and your house smells heavenly.

Homemade soup as a lunch option for example can help you lose weight! The amount of the soup made up of fibre rich vegetables and vitamin enriched broth fills up your belly, leaving you satisfied and filled until dinner. You can save up to 20% calorie intake compared to other foods, especially non-vegetarian options!

It is immensely healthy as you are adding more vegetables to your daily diet. We are supposed to eat at least 5 different fruits or vegetables a day and what better way to sneak in some than this? The broth is usually made of leeks or onions and adds minerals to your diet. You are also taking in more fluids.

Pre-made soups usually come with many preservatives to keep them „fresh“ for a long time. To keep the taste well, they will usually have a big amount of salt or even sugar added to it. Often potato starch is used to give you a filled up feeling, but this makes it high in carbohydrates and bad for any weight loss plan.

Now you say „But it’s so much easier to just buy it off the shelf!“ – you know what’s even easier than that? Order it here and I will deliver it to you. Consider buying soup as a dinner option as well. And don’t get bored, we have much variety:

  • Spinach
  • Pumpkin
  • Carrot-lentil
  • Tomato
  • Mushroom
  • Sweet Potato and Chili
  • Seasonal Soup: Surinamese Peanut butter


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