Soup and Bread

You can get 300ml delicious soup with three slices of fresh bread for only 2,80€!

Don’t want to stress about where to get your lunch every day? Take a Soupscription: you’ll get one or more soups each week on any day you choose. For example: you can take a soupscription for Monday and Thursday and you can also chose already which soup you want those days or tell me each week which one you’d like to have.

Soupscription Bingo is when you chose soupscription for the whole week: Instead of 14,00€ you will get them for only 11,00€ a week – which means one soup is for free!

Can’t get enough of my soup? Get a liter full for only 9,00€ – dinner is set!

Available after popular demand: Get my homemade bread for 2,50€ per loaf. We offer Volkoren or Meergranen

You may choose from one of these soups:

  • Spinach
  • Pumpkin
  • Carrot-lentil
  • Tomato
  • Mushroom
  • Sweet Potato and Chili
  • Seasonal Soup: Surinamese Peanut butter

Order now!

The soups and bread are homemade, so don’t even think about preservatives or any artificial ingredients. I have listed the ingredients of each soup, so you can see yourself what’s inside.

You can order your soups up to one day in advance. I would appreciate if you didn’t order last minute though 😉

Your soup and bread delivery will magically appear in the fridge, with your name on it. As I don’t work on fridays, I will put your order for friday in the fridge on thursdays already.

Would you like to order a large quantity to take home? Please contact me.

Health Note: I prepare the soups fresh and freeze them, then let them thaw over night in my fridge before I bring it to you. So if you take the soup home, keep in mind not to re-freeze and thaw it again. Just keep it in the fridge and eat it soon.

Soupscription doesn’t exist anymore, see here for more information

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