Happy New Year 2019!

Happy New Year my Soupscribers!   Soupscription has entered another year, I am quite happy with how it has gone so far. I am very grateful for all the orders, especially recurring orders, that I get from you guys. Also this year I am planning some soup tastings and will be happy to receive any advice, tips, suggestions and so on. As you’ve seen last year I am very happy to oblige and adjust things: during the last year we raised the amount of the soup from 250ml to 300ml and 2 slices to 3 slices of bread.   Still you are able to either buy single soups whenever you feel like it or put in a soupscription: that means that you’ll get a soup every week on the same day. For more information, I’ll be glad to speak to you directly.   I wish you a great 2019 and hope you can achieve what you plan to do and get a few exciting surprises on the way.

Soupscription doesn’t exist anymore, see here for more information

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