End of Soupscription

I started Soupscription 2018 to sell soups and bread at my work. Our building was in an industrial area and there was no nutritious, delicious food to buy in the vicinity – especially if you didn’t have a car. I set up my business idea and started selling to my colleagues. In that time I felt bored with my job and was searching for my real passion. It is also in this time and for this reason, that I wrote my book

I stopped working at that job mid 2019, because I decided to study and become a teacher. When I quit my job, I also quit Soupscription. At first I thought that maybe I could pick it up again in a different fashion in the future.

Now I’ve gotten my degree and will be starting as a German Teacher next school year, I am convinced that soupscription will not be part of my future plans.

Setting up soupscription was a great learning experience for me and what I’ve learned through it is surely going to help me in the future. I wouldn’t have want to miss it in any way.

I want to thank all my customers from the bottom of my heart for their trust and support.

Wishing you the best,

Atia Janssens

Chef at Soupscription

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      all of my pictures are made by me, so i don’t need to ask for permission. this particular picture i made in ireland. so before you accuse someone, take a breath and make sure that what you’re saying is true

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